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The Best Poker Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Poker Player.

Here you will find awesome poker gifts for amateurs and professionals alike. So if your poker lover is about to get married, have a birthday, graduate or celebrate Father's day this site is for you! As connoisseurs of all things poker we have made numerous lists for our family and friends so they can find us the poker gifts that we actually want. And since we don't know you any better than you know us, we've joined forces with Amazon, and can provide high quality poker gifts at great prices with quick shipping.

To try and keep thing simple we have grouped our favorite poker gift ideas by recipient type. First, you have your 'Watchers' - these guys prefer to watch a good poker game rather than participate. Then you have your 'Newbie/Amateurs' - they like to play online or casual games with friends and family. Next is your 'Serious Player' - these guys know the game well, understand the strategy and regularly play in tournaments. Of course, we could add a final category, 'Professional Poker Player' but chances are they bought most of this stuff in order to get that good and then they bought everything else here with their winnings!

The Poker Watchers:

  1. Poker Video Games

  2. Part of the fun of playing poker is trying to read your opponents and trying to prevent them from reading you. Because of that, there will always be something lacking in every electronic poker game. Even so, some of these games are fun and the artificial intelligence is excellent and can provide some good practice to help improve your skills. And the small portable games are great when you are stuck at the DMV!
  3. Poker Movies

  4. When you are not playing poker you watch it on TV. When it's not on TV you grab your favorite poker movie (for that matter, many of these movies are simply just good movies). Even beyond the game itself it's fun getting wrapped up in the action when they are playing for so much more than the chips in the pot! Our personal favorites our Rounders, Maverick and The Cincinnati Kid (Steve McQueen is awesome). You will also find some great educational poker videos and documentaries about some of your favorite poker legends.

Newbie/Amateur Poker Players:

  1. Poker Chips and Chip Display Cases

  2. When you were younger you may have played cards using things like candy or chips to 'bet' against your friends. Now it's time to grow up a little and get some real poker chips. You can start with chip set that includes plastic chips and a deck of cards or jump right into clay or composite chips and a nice case. The variety (and associated costs) are endless so take your time and find something that fits your personality.
  3. Cool Poker Stuff to Wear

  4. Everything you need to wear to either look cool, hide your tells, or for something to do while playing like listening to music (especially, if you are low on chips and find yourself sitting out of more and more hands). The list includes sunglasses, hats, t-shirts, and hoodies. Or you can always try to get a sponsor and plaster their logo all over your body for a few bucks :-)
  5. Professional Decks of Cards

  6. While some of the playing cards you see in the checkout aisle at Target are decent, they still aren't the same as a nice deck of high quality professional cards. An actual casino uses a deck of cards for a very limited amount of time and when they are done they sell them in their gift shops. So if you live near or vacation in a town with a casino you may want to try that approach. If not, we have a number of options here you can have delivered direct to your home (or right to your gift recipient).
  7. Poker Stories and Educations Materials

  8. Whether you want to read and study the play of poker legends, learn more about a particular playing style or strategy or just want to enjoy some good poker fiction, there is a book out there for you. Some of these books have been around for awhile (as have the poker legends that either wrote or are featured in their pages) and others reflect the changing times and the influence of online poker. Either way, make sure you look at the date it was published to better understand what you are getting because a 20 year old book on Doyle Brunson won't say much about the legal challenges of PokerStars.

The Serious Poker Players:

  1. A Card Shuffling Machine

  2. Believe it or not, these aren't just for lazy poker players. A high quality card shuffler will do an excellent job mixing up your cards, it will help keep your games moving, give you an opportunity to enjoy a quick drink of your favorite beverage while it shuffles and hey, it looks really cool. Remember not to skimp on quality and buy a nice one. You've been warned.
  3. Poker Table and Table Covers

  4. Once you have your cards and some friends you'll need a place to actually play. If you have an extra room or basement a full on poker table would be an awesome addition. You can find them with numerous options like cup holders, cool lighting and many even allow you to play other games. If you don't have a dedicated space go for a folding table you can hide away when you are done or table topper you can set-up on your existing dining room table. One tip with the table toppers, make sure it has a case or cover to protect it or find a nice place to store it so it doesn't get beat up.
  5. Your Personal Poker Player Journal

  6. Just to make sure we are on the same page, these journals are blank. They are intended for you to track your game play, strategy and development. Good players get better by using such a journal. While you can pick up a standard journal with paper at an office supply or stationary store, these options have much more personality and make better poker gifts.
  7. Poker Card Guards

  8. Card guards are heavy objects of some sort you leave on your hole cards so the players at the table and the dealer don't think you have folded. For many players their card guard is also a good luck charm and should reflect their personality. All of which makes these nice gifts!
Unique Gift Idea

It just so happens that the width of a standard deck of playing cards is the same as a standard business card. So next time you are looking for a truly unique gift pick up a poker shoe to use as a one of a kind business card holder!